Perspectives: 30 Days to a New Life Through a New Lens

published May 2019!

This self-help book is for people who desperately want to:

•Identify and explode unhealthy beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from getting what you want

•Feel more connected to yourself and those around you

•Expand your comfort zone

•Kick your perfectionist mentality to the curb

•Discover your brilliance

•Train your brain to work for you instead of against you

•Ignite your passion and purpose in life

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Stop Networking!  Do This Instead. . . 

Increase your impact and get what you want more often during both personal and professional situations.

In this short and simple ebook you’ll learn my #1 Secret even the “experts” don’t know.

•Discover how to break past the awkwardness that can be networking

•Tap into new networks

•Increase your social capital and more!

No longer will you sit in the corner wondering how long you should stay or if you could leave without anyone noticing.

•Implement my #1 secret today and instantly increase your effectiveness!

This 13 page ebook is packed with tips for your next networking event!

Upcoming book!  Metamorphosis of heart mind and soul: A memoir

Excerpt from Metamorphosis:  

“Forty-eight;  a bleak number which looked up from the page with indifference.  I stared in disbelief as its meaning threatened a grip on my already heavy heart.  “This has got to be a mistake!” I thought. “I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it.”

This previously unassuming number now began to taunt me.  Forty-eight!  It indicated that I had severe depression, a disorder that I was both too embarrassed and too prideful to accept or admit.  I never thought a number could be both a blessing and a curse. A curse because it was the beginning of the most agonizing journey I’d ever embark upon.  But also a blessing, because through the agony, I would experience a complete change in heart, mind and soul–a metamorphosis.

Charity’s Spiritual journey which shares 3 simple yet powerful Christ-centered steps that transformed the culture of her mind!

He Moves Mountains in Me

Recorded live and presented for the purpose of empowering audience members in their spiritual journey to overcome the mountains in their lives.

Thoughts are the biggest mountain we face and they are really the only thing we can control.  Thoughts either lift us up, or drag us down.  In this presentation, listeners are guided with wit and wisdom in this powerful presentation which teachers 3 simple, yet powerful Christ-centered steps which have helped countless women move their very own mountains from within. 


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