What people are saying about Charity’s Ignite Events:

“This was an amazing event!  Helped me identify and let go of some deep thoughts and beliefs about myself, so that I can move forward and progress faster in relationships and business.”  -Jessi C.

“It was one of the best events I’ve ever been to. I’ve been to so many across the country and am actually an executive producer of an event myself and it totally has outdone what I have done with events. What Charity puts on and the speakers she brings are amazing at helping you take the next steps and get to the next level, whether in work or personal relationships. I highly recommend you put her next event on your calendar! Make sure you attend! Charity knows how to put on a fantastic event that is not just good feeling, but it will change your life!”      -Dr. Drew Brasier, Psychologist, Author &  Business Coach

“A life changer, creating space for building a network of connection, and strength to break down walls!” -Craig Oborn, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker

“I absolutely loved Charity’s event!  So inspirational and a complete game changer for me.  Exactly what I needed, and when I needed it!  I was inspired with the genuine love for all and her amazing “super power” to exemplify connection with others.  I walked in with filters on, but left with them totally removed and empowered to embrace my beautiful journey, and amazing connection along the way!  For showing me how to do all that, I sincerely thank you!”  -Brenda B.

“Charity is truly inspirational.  She has a talent for connecting and engaging her listeners in a unique and satisfying way.”  –Melinda H.

“I would definitely go again, no question about it!  Remembering to take our lenses off, making deeper connections in relationships, creating new friendships, and having such an inspirational and uplifting energy all around you!  With music, gifts, snacks. . it was the total package!!  I look forward to the next one!”  -Melissa C.